Thursday, April 30, 2009

Letter to a Friend

Oh, I've not updated for sometime now! Thanks to a good friend/sister, MissHighFlyer that reminded me to update. I can't ignore the strong messages from Lati Ayoola, Aloofar and Princekay123. I love you all. That's why I can't forget to pray for you guys every morning. Well, am fully back to blogville, I mean it. I must say I really miss the jokes from Agbero (that guy is a big clown!)

I don't really have much to talk about. What do I need to say? I've liberated myself from the shackles of an enemy-friend and I am now enjoying every bit of my life. I just realised it is good to be single; it's good to be free.

I stumbleed on this letter written to a friend by Segun Awoniyi (my senior in school) and felt like sharing it. Enjoy it! This is a pre-post; I'll properly update soon. Cheers!

Dear Olu,

Trust you will understand if I delay the compliments…

What is BBC, CNN, Times etc saying about the election in Ekiti? I guess you will soon post the “unbelievable” stories…

They are true! They may be exaggerated but how true can they be….a little margin of error from being absolutely true.

I renounced my childhood dreams I held like a conviction this past week because I wont like to live a miserable adult life because this is not where you say “YES WE CAN!” before you ask yourself without delusion that “Even if I can, what about the system”I see myself giving sixteen years old Olusegun Awoniyi at FESTAC College of those days a knock for daring to dream of being President when his AUDACITY is not hinged on substance before even considering hope….the fact that it won’t materialize is not based on pessimism but glaring realities.

The first is that we hate truth; truth actually is what suits us, what is in our favour. If it is not in our favour, it becomes an error; it should be turned on its head by propaganda. I still wonder (maybe beyond next tomorrow) when we will be able to conduct elections where losers will see themselves as such and get on with their life which in truth is actually much more important than dictating the life of others ironically in what we call a democracy.

Playwrights need no inspiration out here as the drama is always interesting to behold with poor folks fighting to defend two or more evils they are willing pawns to choose from-some regrettably lose their life in the process. To join the fray because of patriotic ambition can only result in three basic choices….I kill my conscience; my conscience kills me even if I don’t die physically, or I be killed by those who can’t stand my having a conscience! Those who fail will also be on the sidelines shouting and cursing before they soon realize they are alone with the still small voice saying “if you can’t beat them….”

I know you are busy working up your sleeves, continue in that and be not vain like our two billionaires who continually accuse each other on pages of newspapers of manipulating the stock market to deceive the public and flex false muscles of their financial strength….for now, you won’t be envious of anyone who says that can only happen in our country.

Do have a nice week ahead of you and smile in-spite of the so many absurdities whether in Halliburton or elsewhere; after all we are the happiest people in the world…we go survive!
Your namesake!

NB: culled from SEGUN AWONIYI's NOTE