Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Falling in Love with a Doctor

Fall in love, Fall in love, finally Yewande don fall in love…

Two days after I left the hospital, I went back for checkup. When I got to the hospital, I met the same nurse that gave me Dr. *Wale’s note. She was very glad to see me; she gave me a befitting welcome package. Just when I was about leaving, she asked me if I had called the doctor to show appreciation. That was when I remembered the note the nurse gave me before I left the hospital. I remembered how I tore the note when my mum was commenting cynically about the doctor on our way home. I remembered the doctor’s handsome face, his smooth skin, chocolate complexion and his sonorous voice that’s just like a lady’s. I was standing in front of the nurse perplexed, worried and gambling right inside my heart.
After some minutes of deep reflection, I asked the nurse the most important question.
“Is Wale single?”
“Yes, he is. He is a very responsible person and very intelligent too,” she replied.
“I’ll think about it,” I told her and left the hospital.

When I got home, I couldn’t sleep. I was just thinking about this guy. I was scared not to fall for a guy like Gbenga who turned a bad-boy overnight, but I really wanted somebody in my life. I wanted a shoulder to learn on. I was really thinking deep until I dozed off. When I woke up the next morning, I resolved to send him a text, at least to appreciate his concern over my health and thank him about the bill he picked.

The message was as simple as possible to avoid showing any interest. As promised, he called back. We spent 30mins on phone! He told me how he went gaga when he first saw me, how he’d been daydreaming about me and how he can’t wait to be my ‘love’. It was the sweetest moment for me, as I fell in love after hearing this guy’s sweet voice and plans.

I discovered that we had almost everything in common. My dad died when I was 10years old; his parents died when he was very young. He lived with his grandmother who trained him up to university level. The grandmother died last year. We were born the same month; we are products of same school (he did his first and second degree at UNILAG where I am currently rounding off my studies). He loves eating beans and plantain which is also my favourite food. Interestingly also, we are both bloggers.

At 30, Wale has an intimidating record. He left secondary school with the highest result in Oyo State in 1993 and the 10th best UME result in Nigeria in 1994. Of course, that was the best result in Oyo State. He gained admission into University of Lagos on scholarship and graduated with a first-class honours in a science related course. Then he went for Medicine and Surgery for his second degree. He served at a private hospital in Surulere, before securing a permanent employment in this top Ikeja hospital where I met him.

I got carried away by these achievements. I did not know when I told him YES after the third date.

*Wale here is not the doctor’s real name.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Drama in Hospital

I’d been very ill lately. I was diagnosed of typhoid fever. Certainly, it was the stress and enjoyment I had two weeks ago that culminated in the sickness. I really overstressed myself and of course I paid dearly for it. The most memorable part of the scenario however was not the sickness part but the ‘drama’ that happened at the hospital. It was very funny, that’s why I called it drama.

Sit back, relax and enjoy my story…

The Stress
It started two weeks ago when my boss forced me to work for 48 hours non-stop. My boss (a crazy whiteman) is only interested in whatever brings cash, and I know that for sure. I wouldn’t blame him on the other hand because we had a very challenging job to handle and I was the most competent hand to handle the job. I am the only professional left in the small firm since three of our most experienced members of staff left two months ago. I had to shoulder the responsibility, though it also came with a very hot, juicy package.
“We had sacrificed two months for you to write your exams so you have no choice but to commit your time to this project. We must not fail in doing this job Wande. You know the kind of trust our clients have in us,” my boss said patting my back.
Of course, I know there is no need for him to persuade me. I must do the job because I have no choice. I had to carry the burden of working from Thurday night to Sunday afternoon non-stop and without rest. I accepted the proposal at the expense of a date I had with a new toaster.
Looking back, I know I owe the company a lot. First, I was employed only with an OND and a certified membership of NIMN and placed ahead of first degree holders. Second, I was given a permanent ‘student status’ that enables me to go to school while still working. And recently, I was allowed a ‘two-month with pay’ grace to write my exams in spite of the fact that I had already taken my sick leave and some other bonuses. For these reasons, I chose to work extra miles and landed in the hospital.

The Fear
My illness started with sneezing, coughing, vomiting, catarrh, and the big one, diarrhea. My mum was scared; she thought I was pregnant. She kept asking me “when did you see your period last.” I was very furious. How can she ask that kind of question in the presence of my elder sisters? I was really mad at her.
I tried to use different drugs but nothing happened. So, I had no choice but to go to the hospital.

Randy Doctor
The doctor on duty was this crazy chap that was just staring at my cleavage. He was just caressing my body stylishly while examining me physically. I wonder why he wanted to see my stomach when I complained of diarrhea. I guess it’s because my mum asked him to carry out a pregnancy test first. I later did the test and was confirmed negative. I was a little bit scared when the randy doctor was trying to pull my legs.
To my greatest surprise, my mum told me that she learnt the doctor has paid my bill. I was equally angry. What was the intention of the randy doctor? I was about leaving when a nurse walked up to me and gave me an envelop. I tore it open and saw a note addressed to me, of course by the same doctor. The content says:

Hi Yewande,
I can't take my eyes off you since the very day I
saw you. I will like to be your best friend. Pls,
text your number to (his phone number). I'll call
Doctor Wale
(not his real name)

At least to appreciate his kind gesture, i sent a message to his phone. He called immediately as promised and that was how we met.

...I'll update with more gists as event unfolds. Thank God I am now fully back on my feet.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Partying after Exams

…the party we had after exams.

It was a way of unwinding after lots of ‘hardwork’ in school. There is nothing as good as relaxing after stress.

Writing exams in a school like Unilag is a very tedious task. It is not the exam proper that frightens students; it is the exam process and protocols. I don’t know why school officials are just insensitive to students’ plights. Nobody cares about the student and nobody is interested in knowing whether the policies are favourable for the students or not. But why do we do this? You have to be very vigilant because the department can change the time arrangement or venue of your exam in less than 15 minutes. Nothing is so absolute; everything changes like water in a river!

I remember a paper I missed (one of my carry-overs) narrowly during the exams. The first draft of the exam time table says ‘paper commences 4pm’, but unknown to me the second draft which was released few hours to exams stated otherwise. The particular paper was shifted backward to 8.30am. I was still sleeping in my room (off-campus hostel) when my phone rang and learnt they’ve started exams. I didn’t wait to take my bath. I drove like a mad girl to school and almost knocked down an okada rider in the process. It was when I got into the class that I remembered that I didn’t pick my ID card, Exam Docket, biro and calculator. Thank God that the invigilator, Dr. Chris, is my “padi”. I had to “giraffe” through out that exam. Remembering all these school experience usually makes me want to ‘enjoy’ myself.

Let me not digress, we had a party to celebrate our accomplishments. It was a fun-filled one. I enjoyed it, and still look forward to more of it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Departmental Week

Pix 1 & 2 Rag day celebration (can u spot me?)

Our departmental week was a huge success. It was a big way to celebate our promotion to 400level (Do you think it is easy?). For somebody like me, it was a very challenging one. I went through hell trying to combine school with a part-time work I do. It was vey tedious, I must commend myself for the bravery. I must commend myself for burning so much candles in the middle of the night, yet getting only few Cs and Es to show for it. My first semester result was really bad. 4 carry-overs! And I had 2 carry-overs the previous one, so I had to struggle for 6COs if I must grad. These lecturers are wicked!
Well, life goes on. We mustn't kill ourself because we want to read. And for the little we've achieved, we need to rejoice. That was the idea behind our dept-week. We had a rag-day, a 'suya nite', pool party and finally an award nite.
The Rag day caleberation is one of the most memorable events I participated in during my jambite days. For your info, I've spent 3 and 1/2 years in school and the sojourn was really challenging (No thanks to ASUU strike, student unrests and sky-rocketing school fees that added not just extra months but extra burdens). Of course, students will always relax, gyrate and navigate. To celebrate our elevation to the final lap, we decided to stage a 'rag-day' celebration (pls don't call us agbaya).
The Rag
The event started with a rag demonstration. Everybody came to school with 'rags' (not really the one you use to clean the floor). We called it 'colour-riot' mode of dressing. This is just to show that we are rejoicing. Our rag-day was a different ball game, not the type that students run on the street begging for alms. We were singing and dancing around campus for the whole day in our crazy outfits.
One guy actually dressed like Denrele of Sound City (Sure you know him). It was just fun galore, we enjoyed it.
Suya Nite
At the back of the Arts Block, we had a small 'suya' party. There was enough to eat and drink. We slaughtered an "ewure" and prepared it in form of suya and perper soup. It was oh lalah!
Pool Party
After the whole walk, we finally unwinded at a pool side. It was a big swimming party in a top-spot in Ikeja. We had unlimited fun. A friend of mine got drunk at the event. She fell inside the swimming pool while dancing but was quickly rescued. That was the most funny part of the pool party.
Dinner/Award Nite
The last day of our paper was the dinner/award nite. It was a nice of class. I went to the event with my new gown. Don't worry I will upload pictures asap. The most memorable part was that I got an award. I was voted the "Best Gossip" in the department. Its an achievement jo!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Who is to Blame?

As I listened to her history, I felt a strong jerk down my spine. A strong feeling of compassion ran through my whole system. I was trembling yet giving her courage. I forced myself to remain calm. Wura’s face was laced with tears as she recalls her beginning. She was highly depressed. I felt guilty of making her unhappy; the culpability of forcing her to remember her ugly past dawned on me though it was really for the right reason. Who really is Wura?

I met her at Obalende bus-stop last week Monday (the eve of Sallah). Clad in an over-sized round-neck top and a faded jean trouser, this averagely built lady with right figure-8 structure was in front of a loading danfo bus. She was partially beckoning to people to enter the bus and discussing with some uniformed agbero NURTW workers whose business it is to regulate the loading of commercial buses. Her intimidating physique and natural beauty (though she was not wearing any make-up) attracted me. I knew instantly that the face is similar. “I know this person,” I thought inaudibly. I left the apple stand to catch a full glimpse of this relatively familiar person. I’d wanted to buy apple before I go back to see a friend inside a shopping complex close to Obalende bus-stop where I parked my car.

I moved closer to verify what I was thinking. “Could she really be someone I know” I kept wondering. When I moved closer, I noticed the driver of the vehicle giving the lady instruction to collect N150 from every passenger. The man was complaining that what they made from the last trip was less than the normal income, and this lady pleaded that she will adjust. To impress her boss, she shouted on top of her voice, “Ajah enter o! Just two more chance to go. Ajah N150!”

I was stunned. Could that lady be the conductor? I approached her. When I got closer to her, I realized the biggest shock of my life. This lady conductor was my best friend in primary and Junior Secondary School. She is Wuraola, the daughter of a rich business mogul in Surulere. When she saw me, she felt ashamed and drew me to a corner. We hugged and exchanged pleasantries. It was a joyful moment seeing my best friend in school. However, it was saddening to see her in that condition. I quickly told her to excuse herself from the garage. We located a nearby fast-food joint and started story telling.

This is Wura’s story……

Wura’s father died shortly before our JSCE exams. That was the time she left school. She was the only child of the parents and was barely 12 when the incident happened. Realizing this weakness, the paternal family members sent her mum packing claiming that she killed her husband. They seized all her father’s estates and neglected them. The mother left the house without a pin.

It was this experience that caused the high-blood pressure that killed Wura’s mother. After her death, Wura had no other option but to stay with his maternal uncle who also had 6 children to cater for and 2 external relations. Living then became difficult. She determined never to trace her paternal relatives.

After struggling to complete her Senior School Certificate (SSCE) without making the necessary papers, Wura’s uncle who used to be very supportive of her career was involved in an accident and was relieved of his work despite pleading with the management. Wura had to hawk ‘pure water’ and ‘gala’ on the expressway to raise money for her GCE and NECO, which she eventually passed with straight As. Though she wanted to further her education, nobody was ready to help. Even if she struggles to pay the tuition fees, what about other running expenses in the university? She was really confused and thus shelved the idea of schooling.

She started selling ‘rice and stew’ for casual labourers and building contractors around Iyana-Ipaja. It was during one of the trading outings that she was raped by a hit-and-run worker. She tried all her best to locate the guy but everything was in vain. The pregnancy resulted in an issue christened “Feyipitan”. The boy is now 2years old.

Obviously, life became too difficult for Wura after the birth of the baby, as that meant an extra responsibility. Besides, the emotional trauma she carries around is enough to make her sad. She therefore vowed to succeed by all means. So, she started first as a cleaner to raise money to buy baby food and other sundry expenses. With this, she also registered for a part-time OND programme at a private polytechnic in Lagos. So, to support the meager income from the cleaning job, she decided to be a bus conductor. She does this half-a-day and does the cleaning job very early in the morning or late in the night. Now she is in ND II and the baby is also in a private school.


After hearing her story, I had a sober reflection. I prayed and prayed harder, first for her to break the jinx and also for myself to remain up there. But inside me I still wonder about the condition of life of my childhood friend. Who is to blame for all these woes that happened just within 10 years? Is it the father who died prematurely, the family members who neglected Wura and her mother, the uncle who could not send her to school, the worker who raped her and absconded into thin air or Wura herself?

Whichever way, I know God is not to blame.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


pix: cross section of people present at a party held in Lag recently. The first two from left are my friends.

Is it really true that we are the architects of our troubles? Why do we always do things that eventually inconvenient us? Must we do it! Must we go to that party half-naked? Must we date our friend’s boyfi? Must we hang around him eventhough it is crystal clear he’s got a life-partner? Must we pretend we don’t love him though we had sleepless nights because of this same person? Why must we do those things?

The questions are endless…

I wonder why people deliberately cause havoc for themselves. I wonder why we cannot learn how to comport ourselves. I wonder why we dress scandalously. I wonder why we lie even when the situation doesn’t require it.

Why do we like to live like the other person?

Why do we drop honest comments only as an ANONYMOUS blogger?

Must we show off our curvy regions to attract the right people?

Why do we think innocent-looking girls are cheap and ward-spraying guys are mungu?

These were the questions that raced through my mind after reading LINDA IKEJI’s blogposts of 14/09/08 and 15/09/08. I still cannot come to terms with so many things we do everyday.

Sincerely, why do we do these things?

I’m sure you’re wondering why I am going philosophical. Its because of an experience a friend shared with me yesterday. I discovered that I am also guilty of the same crime, that’s why I am reflecting on it to ease the burden in my heart.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Can I Date Him?

Can I Date Him?

Sorry I didn’t update for a long time. I’d been so busy. I’m currently writing exams. I’ve been going through hell this examination period. I registered 24 units (that’s 12 courses) comprising out 6 carry-over and 5 core courses that I must pass if really I must graduate next year. The only elective course I am writing is the one I am good at. The thought of the slim chance I have to pass these courses alone send shock through my whole system each time anybody ask me of my studies. I must confess that I’ve never had a nice time since I gained admission 3 years ago. It’s been one trouble to another, one carry-over to another, one lecturer-‘wahala’ to another. Ha! I’m fed up.

The pix
My friends. I took this picture when we hung out at a party. We were at that party few days to our exams.

9ice’s Dream
Three weeks after, I am yet to forget my DREAM of 9ice. I still remember vividly how excited I felt that day after I woke up, and how disappointed I was too.
“You shouldn’t have interrupted my sleep!” I shouted at my friend.
“Sorry to disturb you my dear, you can go back to sleep. I was only considering your plight, if not I won’t bother to disturb you. Remember you have 6 carry-over courses to do this semester,” my best friend and only roommate told me.
I saw the genuineness in her face. She’s really concerned about my plight. She loved me, and she doesn’t hide it. That’s why I also try as much as possible to reciprocate by showering her with love. After all, one good turn deserves another.

Meanwhile, I have this guy disturbing me and I think it will be better for my friends on ‘blogsphere’ to advise on what to do…

I met this guy at a party I attended few days to the commencement of our second semester exams that we’re still writing. I was in company of my friends (3 of them) and he also came to the venue with his friends. I met him first at the entrance when he was trying to buy drinks through the vending machine. The machine ‘swallowed’ his money and he had no physical cash left to buy the drink. We gave him one of the extra drinks we bought and left. Later he came back to appreciate our gesture and was also trying to be friendly (you know guys now). He got one of my friend’s phone number after the 15minutes chat and left. We were even gisting that Bola (my friend) will be hooked. But to my greatest surprise, this guy called me two days after. Obviously, he got my number from my friend.

After the first call, the guy started sending me gifts and showing too much care. He calls at least 8 times in a day. At a time I asked his how he recharge his phone. “Your worth is more than the card,” he always says anytime I ask him. Problems I foresee however are that:

He is Yahoo
This guy is a big time yahoo-boy. I discovered this through his life style. You know, a guy without a regular lifestyle; he uses 3 powerful Nokia phones, a tyte laptop and a customized car. He hangs around club and doesn’t care about his studies. He is always on phone with one oyinbo lady or South African friend. And his wallet will be filled with crispy dollar note. Abeg, I dey fear EFCC o!

He is used to Show-Off
Another thing about this guy is that he is used to show-off. I never see this kind person before. We went to Silverbird Galleria to catch fun. We ran into a ditch on our way and had a flat tyre. Instead of this guy to jack the car up and replace the tyre with the extra, he called his friend at home to bring another car to pick us. We had to wait inside a fast-food outlet for the 1hr 30minutes that it took the friend to show up. I was really mad at him not only because of the time we wasted but because the guy wasn’t showing originality. What does it take to change a flat tyre? The fact is that I don’t appreciate fake people. Of course, I change my tyre myself when I experience a flat tire. So, what’s the big deal?

Ladies Flock around Him
The biggest challenge I foresee is too many ladies around this guy. He is tied to so many people he cannot even handle. Though he tries as many as possible to show commitment to me, I still see myself running into a trouble if I allow him have my heart. He receives too many calls and SMS from ladies.

I am confused now that my exam is coming to an end. I promised him we’ll talk better after my papers so that I will have enough time to think about it. Now I have just 3 days left and my heart is already aching. No doubt, I want the guy, but I feel it’s not going to work because of the obstacles on ground. It’s just inevitable that the relationship may crumble. Besides, does he deserve my heart? Can I date him?

Somebody, PLS ADVISE.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Date with 9ice

Can I join you angel,” was what I heard. It was an enticing voice with a persuasive tone. I turned back to see who is making this request. It turned out to be a guy with an intimidating physique. Yeah, very intimidating! He’s 6’1 tall, dark in complexion, lovely face with 1-1 tribal mark (the Egba type), neat and hairy, and averagely slim. He was putting on a T-Shirt with an inscription “Don’t Tell Your Mum When You Get Home” on a jean trouser, and a pair of sandal. He looked simple, neat and enticing. I couldn’t resist him. His face looked familiar. I started thinking and discovered he’s the RnB King – 9ice.

Can it be 9ice? I looked at him again, and again. It was 9ice – the reigning Hip Hop star that performed for Mandela recently in London. The same guy won 3 awards at Hip Hop World Award, and also has different nominations in his kitty. He is Abolore Adigun Alapomeji Akande!

“Why not? You can join me,” I replied while still observing him. I noticed he was holding a Black Berry phone and consciously dangling a key (It was a car key). I watch him carefully as he takes a sit close to me. Then I asked him “Are you 9ice?”

“Yes. I’m 9ice,” he said while trying to settle down on a sit beside me. “So what are you doing here. Are you not going for class” he asked and I replied promptly, “I am reading for some carry-over courses I’m rewriting this semester. That’s why I am here to read.”

We started gisting and before you say Jack Robinson, we’ve became acquainted like old friends. At exactly 6pm, we left the Lagoon Front for the Arts Block. We stayed there for another 30minutes before we finally left for our various hostels. He covered his face with a cap to prevent people from discovering him. Of course, we exchanged numbers. He called me three times that day before I slept.

We met at the MTN Reference Library beside the Main Auditorium. He came there in company of five guys. He introduced them as ID Cabassa, Sayo, Ade, Tunde (his PA) and Konga (another known artiste). He told me they’re going for a show and will be back the next day. He called me 4 times again that day.

We went to watch a film show at the Main Auditorium. It was a film produced by Kunle Afolayan, titled “Irapada” (Redemption). The movie is a classical one with an interesting story line. From the logical arrangement to coherent plot outline and quality diction to flawless narrative pattern, the film stands out. I really enjoyed it.
We laughed and laughed until the end of the movie. The film took almost all of our evening that day, as we were still at the auditorium till 8pm. After the film, I announced my intention to go back to the hostel and was ready to go.

“We need to talk,” 9ice said. “Let’s go inside the auditorium.” I followed him and we sat inside the hall. It was just two of us in the big hall. We sat face to face, looking deep into each other’s face. I noticed he was also stylishly staring at my cleavage, but I didn’t budge. For 5 minutes, he was staring at me speechlessly without uttering a word. I became nervous. Our (both of us) tension heightened, as the place became very silent. No noise, except for his heartbeat. I felt his pause breaking and his throat drying up. I was also tensed myself, but still in full control of my head.

“What do you want to say,” I broke the silence.

Instead of speaking, he came closer. He drew me closer and held my cheeks in his palms. Then he touched my lips, caressing it softly while saying some rubbish that I couldn’t comprehend. Then he straightened my neck and shoot out his neck, wanting to balance his lips with mine. As his lips reached mine…I woke up.

“Yewande, are you not going for lectures?” I heard the voice of my best friend and room mate, Laide.

“Oh God! It was a dream.” Gongo ti so!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Parties I attended

This is my best pix of the week. 9ice (I love this guy) and friends!
I am angry, lonely and happy. Why? It’s because of my experience. Let me acquaint you with a little of my background… My June and July were really terrible, starting with a hot quarrel with my old friend (a guy who called himself my boyfriend for 2 years). It was a sweet-bitter experience. Why? I wanted to be with him, but still cannot continue with a guy like Gbenga. He is just too arrogant for my liking. Of course, I accepted him into my life after pestering me for months with the hope that he’s going to change one day. But instead of turning a new leaf, my friend became the baddest ‘bobo’ in Lagos. He jumps from one club to another (that’s not really a problem because we usually hang out together), and started smoking overnight (I got pissed off with this). Gbenga was consuming 1 packet of cigarette in less than 24 hours!
The sister got to know and was like ‘Yewande what did you do to him?’ I got fed up of the whole thing and had to take that decision. Now I am so lonely (not searching o!) lol.
I know blogging will keep me busy and in no time I’ll forget about him.

Meanwhile, let me brief you of some events I attended within July-August.

This one was a show put up by the rap-sensational, Asha (the US guy, not the solo queen). It was held at Options Nite Club at Ikeja. It had so many artiste in attendance. I got to the venue late (in company of Bayo Adetu of PMNEWS) and later left for another show in VI.

Linda Ikeji’s fashion show. It was a powerful one held at Golden Gate Resturant, Ikoyi. It had so many dignitaries in attendance. Role call: KC Presh, Cossy Orjiakor, Zacky Adzee, Mojo Lexy-eyes, etc.

It was held inside the cosy Afe Babalola Hall, University of Lagos, Akoka. It was a nite of bliss with so many crème-de la-crème in the entertainment circuit. Role call: ID Cabassa and crew, Vaughn, Mimmy Tea, Ruggedman, J Drama, JEFF, MC Ice Water, J’Bright, etc. After party was done at K’s Place (Club Papas), VI. It was a sweet one, I met Seun Kuti and Jimy Jatt @ the after party.

This one was a classical bash to introduce the Olu Maintain crew. It was held inside Eko Hotels and Suites, VI. Olu just they show himself for that party. Yahoozee! Role call: Olu Maintain, DJ Zeez, Frank Papas, Shina Oyetayo, Ayo Lawal, Sunday Encomium, etc.

It was done at the Sports Centre of Unilag with so many pretty chics and handsome guys. Some known artiste also attended. The sweet gist, I met a fine guy at this event and we’re now best of friends (I’ll gist you about him later).

She is a popular Unilag student with a class. She’s also a model, actress and fast rising make-up artiste. She did her b’day bash at a garden in Ojota (the place is a popular celebrity hangout but I don’t want to advertise). So, many Nollywood stars in attendance.

Then the last one…

This one is an award of Unilag student. It was done at a popular event centre in Agidingbi, Lagos. Artistes also flooded the event.


Waoh! Is it this easy to be a blogger?

I'd visited thousands of blogs and kept wondering how to start mine. I ver knew it could be this easy. Nevertheless, thank God for everything.

This is the introduction. I will use this blog to talk about my social and sexual life (lol). Well, thanks to these people for inspiring me: Bellenaija, NYSC, lindaikeji, veraikeji, funmiiyanda, niyitabiti, facetgrapevine, tonypayne, azuhamatus, allibaba, stanstill, solafolowosele and others. I know I still need to learn from you guys, so don't hesitate to put me through anytime I call.