Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Falling in Love with a Doctor

Fall in love, Fall in love, finally Yewande don fall in love…

Two days after I left the hospital, I went back for checkup. When I got to the hospital, I met the same nurse that gave me Dr. *Wale’s note. She was very glad to see me; she gave me a befitting welcome package. Just when I was about leaving, she asked me if I had called the doctor to show appreciation. That was when I remembered the note the nurse gave me before I left the hospital. I remembered how I tore the note when my mum was commenting cynically about the doctor on our way home. I remembered the doctor’s handsome face, his smooth skin, chocolate complexion and his sonorous voice that’s just like a lady’s. I was standing in front of the nurse perplexed, worried and gambling right inside my heart.
After some minutes of deep reflection, I asked the nurse the most important question.
“Is Wale single?”
“Yes, he is. He is a very responsible person and very intelligent too,” she replied.
“I’ll think about it,” I told her and left the hospital.

When I got home, I couldn’t sleep. I was just thinking about this guy. I was scared not to fall for a guy like Gbenga who turned a bad-boy overnight, but I really wanted somebody in my life. I wanted a shoulder to learn on. I was really thinking deep until I dozed off. When I woke up the next morning, I resolved to send him a text, at least to appreciate his concern over my health and thank him about the bill he picked.

The message was as simple as possible to avoid showing any interest. As promised, he called back. We spent 30mins on phone! He told me how he went gaga when he first saw me, how he’d been daydreaming about me and how he can’t wait to be my ‘love’. It was the sweetest moment for me, as I fell in love after hearing this guy’s sweet voice and plans.

I discovered that we had almost everything in common. My dad died when I was 10years old; his parents died when he was very young. He lived with his grandmother who trained him up to university level. The grandmother died last year. We were born the same month; we are products of same school (he did his first and second degree at UNILAG where I am currently rounding off my studies). He loves eating beans and plantain which is also my favourite food. Interestingly also, we are both bloggers.

At 30, Wale has an intimidating record. He left secondary school with the highest result in Oyo State in 1993 and the 10th best UME result in Nigeria in 1994. Of course, that was the best result in Oyo State. He gained admission into University of Lagos on scholarship and graduated with a first-class honours in a science related course. Then he went for Medicine and Surgery for his second degree. He served at a private hospital in Surulere, before securing a permanent employment in this top Ikeja hospital where I met him.

I got carried away by these achievements. I did not know when I told him YES after the third date.

*Wale here is not the doctor’s real name.



oooh, love wantintin!!!!


You sound genuinely happy! Too cute. Give us more gist nah? So he's a blogger based in Naija as well...oh...is that ...

Okay, just in case i am right (and I most likely am not) I will not even try to write who I think it is. All I will say is, it is so refreshing to read a tale of two people getting to know each other.

Best of luck and keep us informed!


Just read your last post and the "randy doctor" part is cracking me up!!!!!

I just can't wait to hear more and again am genuinely happy for you!

And, was I first? Yes!!! I never get first but today I did. woo hoo!

Latifa said...

Wendy....u don fall in love!!! Na wa oh!! I'm happy 4 u boo! Be Happy! xoxox

wienna said...

So, he's no longer 'randy' now? eyaaaa....congrats o. Me too i wan meet a 'randy' doctor or lawyer or firefighter sef. lol So, where did you go on your first date?

LG said...

no comment until d nex episode....

Buki said...

Oh my! Maybe there's a "fall-in-love" bug in town. I am happy for you...he sounds like a great guy and at least you know he is in love with you...best of luck.

Sola Folowosele said...

I read this post to the last letter to be sure its not another "9ice dream"..well it's cool to see you happy again babe, after the gbenga saga..but hope this is for real?

tommeh said...

"*Wale here is not the doctor’s real name."...Now, that's smart.

gbengasile said...

Now I feel like a prophet! Did i not warn you about the theory on Randy doctors and cute girls. Now you see you're falling for this guy. Anyway, you just relax yourself okay. It's chemistry. Let the good times roll, gurl. You said he's a blogger too. Wanna let us know who he is? Hope you're perfectly ok now sha.

bumight said...

Dr. Wale is a blogger? wow!

Tina said...

Jesu Christi, Olorun Oba! My Wande has found N'kan to dun ni Oja. See how illness can turn into something good. You must update us, well if you don't we will all know what or should I say who is keeping you. All the best, we are all happy for you.

You're supposed to keep your blog a secret, what if he finds it?

Iwalewa McDaniels said...

awwww...this is nice. And he's a blogger too?

Best of luck sha. I can't wait to see how it goes.

Omosewa said...

I'm so happy for you...

Does he have any cute friends??:D

LOL, have fun, and like i say about everything, put it in prayers.

And i'll be waiting for the wedding website*wink*

Buttercup said...

Whoa...r u for real??

He does sound admirable...there's a 10-yr gap between my younger sis n her bf, so i guess these things do work out sometimes, be careful tho. All the best n be happy!

Yewande Atanda said...

can't stop laughing after reading these comments. hope u guys will take it easy...

thanks. am very happy now. you know its good to hav sum1 that truly cares.

yeah am hapi now. thanks sister.

thanks o. "ire a kari". u'll soon meet d randy firefigher LOL. How are u?
first date? It was Mega Plaza to eat 'suya' and cool off wit sum drinks. i'll update on dat soon.
I'll update more on our private moment once i get his approval. he is a blogger, so i gat to watch it.

why reserving ur comment?

thanks Buki. he's surely great, lovely and very caring.

@sola folowosele
this is 100% real. no more 9ice's crush.LOL

not being smart brother. its good to hide the identity. but if he doesn't mind, i'll update. there is nothing to hide jare.

u're now my pastor o. i know warned me but my heart betrayed me. well, i know it's been destined that we'll meet and fall in love. dats what i feel.

he is. want a clue?

there is good in bad and bad in good. my sickness brought joy eventualy. dats how God works.
meanwhile, he doesnt mind. he reads my blog and just laugh.

@iwalewa mcdaniel
just keep reading, u'll get the gist.

thanks o.
sure, he has lots of cute friends who are also 'randy'. LOL

i think the age thing is insignificant to love jare. i know d gap is big but not just concerned abt it.

princekay123 said...


Dr Wale is in trouble. Please tell him EFCC, ICPC and even FBI are looking for him. Why? He stole Wande's heart!

Can I say HML (Happy Married Life)?

wienna said...

Hmmmm....suya. Make dr. 'Wale' gree make you update us o. We no want your blog idle for long o.


lol @ wienna. I couldn't have said it better.

update, my friend!

princekay123 said...


So, you guys were at Mega Plaza to unwind! Hmmmm....Take it easy dear. Best of luck all the same. Cheers!

Buki said...


Kin'shar said...

ummm, Ive been sick lately...so does that mean I too need to pay a visit to the doc (^_^)

LG said...

lolll@ kinshar HABA!!! :p

Swerri' dis one wey u neva update' hope all is well o

Nefertiti said...

Hey Yewande, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I did read Agbero's post like you said, and it was hella funny!

I wish you all the best with your new found love. I pray it's the beginning of something beautiful for u. All the best!

Emeka Amakeze said...

You said you were carried away and you did not know when you said yes on the third date. I am kind of wondering if he even proposed at all, because you didn't say so.

Buttercup said...

babe, how far na??

Yewande Atanda said...

Sorry that i've been out of blogsphere for a long time. I'm back, bigger and better.

werin dey now? thanks for wishing me HML. Dr 'Wale' was the leader of Boys Scout while in school so he can't be afraid of EFCC. 'Se eti gbo'?

don't worry, i'll update now dat i have his approval.

am back, and will update asap.

i was away to have fun. will gist u in details.

so u're sick too! hehehe...Do u want to fall in luv with a doctor too?

sure. i'll update.

thanks. i'm also looking forward to the best for u.

bros how now? of course he proposed but i was just overwhelmed...

thanks big sister

aloted said...

wow..he proposed already..wow

u say he went to secondary school in oyo state...oya give me his full name..let us go and do "iwadi"



Jaybabe said...

Lol...yeah right, you sure are in Looooooveeee...lol...
Thanx for passing by my page babes. Meant a lot.

I'm goinno read other post just in case i see if you have...ermmmmm...done anything with Wale?????...lol...

OluwaDee said...

Serious love.
I like when I here gist of ladies falling in love with Doctors.

U love beans and plantain. Strange.

So who is this Dr Blogger???

princekay123 said...

Yes o! We must do 'iwadi' (I am in support of Aloted). In fact, I want to know this Dr 'Wale' who snatched you from me without notice.

La Reine said...

Oooh Love is it?
Chilling for and update..

Kin'shar said...

Naw man...dont want a doctor for real...but hey If all he got is love potion for my sickness...then Ill take that prescription...lol

Emeka Amakeze said...

Yewande i go vex for you o! I come make i read how far you don go with doctor, no show. Which levels?

Emeka Amakeze said...

Yewande i go vex for you o! I come make i read how far you don go with doctor, no show. Which levels?

LG said...

omoge'oto'jo'meta o'
hope all is well o

LG said...

Hellooooooooooo' anybodi home?????
i ve got sum hampers 4 u :)
*merry christmas hon'

Ayanda Abeke said...

Yetunde, I don't know if this is the continuatio a story , well, I enjoyed reading it. This piece is nice as those piece published by Toni Kan and Helon Habila in the Hint Magazine in those days. Indeed this story could earn you some thousands if you have right to connection to those Love Mag.

Now, you have to be very careful, even though the guy seems original and real. Don't just fall in love like that, those credentials are nothing but papers, he may be one of them. I'm sure you know the adage: once bitten twice shy. Falling in love with this doctor of yours could be change it to "twice bitten thrice shy." Beware....

QMoney said...

I know who it is .his real names are.....***me too am dreaming.lol
Congrats dear,wish u d best

Buttercup said...

happy new year babe!

princekay123 said...

Happy New Year Wendy! Hope you will be more consistent this year. All the best sweet lady.


AlooFar said...

is anybody home?

Sola Folowosele said...

Babe, how was the holiday?
there's something for you, send your no to me through solafolowosele@yahoo.com or 08051225801

salem said...

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Yewande Atanda said...

I must apologise for being away for a long time. I'm so sorry.

Thanks for the love...

no wahala, u can start your iwadi.

Happy new year

U still want to know 'Dr Wale', abi?

carry on with ur investigation. How r u?

@La Reine
don't worry, i'll update

Happy new year

Bros thanks a lot. Sorry for not updating since. I'll do that asap.

where is the hamper? you and your 'wayo'!

@Ayanda Abeke
Thanks for the advice and concern.
I was also a Hint freak back then. Toni Kan and Dozie were my favs then. I ran into Toni Kan recently, he's now in Visafone.


thank you my big sister. happy new year too.

happy new year. thanks, i'll be consistent.

thanks dear. am at home!

@Sola folowosele
am waiting for the hamper. check me out on

thanks for the info.

Severus Snape said...

Fall in love ooh...
Fall in love aah...
My sweet potato, you are my.....

When exactly is the thing you said yes to, coming up? Abi u no go give Blogville a special invitation card

FineBoy Agbero said...

hey dear... where av u been?
we don miss u o!!!

Yewande Atanda said...

@Severous Snape
Thanks jare. I'll update and let you guys know whats up. I've been running after couple of jobs for my company so I don't have enough time to blog.

@fineboy Agbero
Where hav u been too. You owe me an explanation for your disapperance. Well, i'll update asap.

JustDB said...

Hey.. just checking to verify you're good....Take care.